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Dr. Jose Almirall, director of the Center for Advanced Research in Forensic Science (CARFS) and professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry was appointed to the National Insitute of Justice (NIJ)‘s newly created Forensic Laboratory Needs Technology Working Group (FLN-TWG). The working group will provide objective and independent knowledge and expertise, ensuring that research is relevant and responsive to the needs of the forensic science community.

NIJ believes that this FLN-TWG model, which includes practitioners supported by researchers, is the best path forward and will ensure that resources are focused appropriately to keep pace with the increasing demand for services. The FLN-TWG will explore new ways to increase casework efficiencies and implement forensic technology innovations that will advance system-based strategies and lead to a stronger justice system and safer communities.

Dr. Jose Almirall appointed to NIJ’s Forensic Laboratory Needs Technology Working Group (FLN-TWG)